Toji Sake x Wingnut & Co.
Toji Sake x Wingnut & Co.
Toji Sake x Wingnut & Co.
Toji Sake x Wingnut & Co.

Toji Sake x Wingnut & Co.

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Set of Wingnut & Co. Sake Cups + Tōji Junmai Ginjo Sake

4 x Sake Cups ($29.50 each)

Stoneware / Wheel Thrown / Green Matt Glaze

Approx 5.5cm H x 6cm W. Holds 75ml 

1 xTōji Junmai Ginjo Sake ($45.00)


Ingredients - Water, Rice (Gohyakumangoku), Yeast & Koji

Seimaibuai (polishing rate) — 60%

Light kiwifruit aroma

Is best enjoyed slightly chilled, served between 8-10 degrees celsius. 

With a respect for traditional brewing methods Tōji is additive free, gluten free and preservative free.


Product of Japan. 

Made in Niigata, Japan.


Set Comes in Gift Box.

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Tōji About

After travelling throughout Japan and studying the work of respected brewmasters, from Niigata to Kyoto and everywhere in between, Melbourne based founders of Tōji, Shar and Yuta Kobayashi found a way to combine their love of traditional Japanese culture with the contemporary Melbourne food scene. The result is Tōji, a premium sake which bridges the gap between the classic Japanese drink and the modern Australian palate.

Tōji Sake takes its name from the Japanese term for sake brewmasters, the revered artisans who expertly weave all of the elements together to create the perfect brew. 

In Japan, the brewmaster of Tōji selects the finest ingredients, using rice from the world renowned Niigata Prefecture and water sourced directly from the Asahi mountain ranges. This purity of ingredients creates Tōji Junmai Daiginjo, the highest grade of sake as well Tōji Junmai Ginjo, a beautifully light, dry and crisp sake. The focus on simplicity, experience and quality allows the subtle notes of Apple (Junmai Daiginjo) and Kiwifruit (Junmai Ginjo) to shine through in the final brew, allowing it to be enjoyed like a chilled wine.