Tetu Teapot & Yunomi Set
Tetu Teapot & Yunomi Set
Tetu Teapot & Yunomi Set
Tetu Teapot & Yunomi Set

Tetu Teapot & Yunomi Set

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1 x Tetu Cast Iron Teapot

2 x Wingnut & Co. Yunomi / Stoneware Trentham Blend / Inlay Lines w Wara Glaze 

1 x Asatsuyu / 50g Premium Organic Japanese Green Tea



The Tetu Teapot is created by Japanese designer Koizumi Makoto and made by Ikenga Ironworks in Osaka. The design of the spout of this teapot allows for a dripless pour. This teapot is the winner of a Good Design Award.

Material: Nanbu Tekki (Japanese Cast Iron) Teapot with Stainless Steel Strainer and Walnut Timber Lid. The handle folds down. Inside of Teapot is enamel coated as not to rust. 

Size: 150mm L (including spout) x 120mm W  x 140mm T (including handle)

Capacity: Holds approx 550ml

Weight: 1.2kg (Please note the weight of this piece, as the item is made from Cast Iron)

Care Instructions: 

As the interior of the teapot has been enamel coated, avoid impact. We don’t recommend applying directly to heat, this may cause damage to the enamelled interior and cast iron exterior. I.E USE AS A TEAPOT NOT A KETTLE.

There may be a line in the spout but it is not a production flaw.

Clean the interior of the teapot with a sponge or a cloth, dry properly after use. Wipe the exterior with a cloth soaked in tea to create a sheen and prevent rust.

Do not submerge the lid in water. Clean the lid with a dry or wet cloth and then dry.