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Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Tetu Cast Iron Kettle

Tetu Cast Iron Kettle

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The Tetu Iron Kettle is the second iteration of this refined Tetsubin by award winning designer Koizumi Makoto and expertly crafted by Ikenga Ironworks in Osaka. 

The Tetu Iron Kettle is a beautiful and considered piece of design and is an absolute pleasure to use, however please keep in mind this is a heavy piece and it is a Kettle and its recommended use is for the boiling of water. It does require some care to ensure longevity but if looked after it will last a lifetime.

This heavy cast iron kettle heats up evenly and once heated, it retains the heat for a long time. It is compatible with induction cooktops (however due to the size of the base, it may not be compatible with all induction cooktops), gas cooktops and wood stove tops. *NOT useable in microwave.

Material: Nanbu Tekki (Japanese Cast Iron) and Teak Timber on lid. Handle folds down.

Size: 20.3cm L (including spout) x 16.5cm W  x 15cm T (including handle)

Capacity: Holds approx 1 litre.

Weight: 2kg 

Care Instructions


1. To release iron but to prevent excessive rusting, the interior of this kettle has been finished at high temperature. 

2. The kettle is heavy. Handle with care.

3. Cast iron may crack if dropped, cooled too fast or exposed to impact.

4. If boiled too full, water may spurt out of the spout. Use with 70% capacity. When boiling, place the lid slightly ajar to release the steam.

5. Whilst heating, the body and the handle will heat up. Use mittens when necessary.

6. Take care when pouring, as the lid may come loose or fall off releasing steam to your hand. Hold the lid shut with appropriate heat protection when tilting the kettle.

7. Leaving hot water in the kettle will cause rusting. Excess water must be poured out empty when the kettle is not in use.

How to care for your Teapot:

1. Before use, rinse the kettle 2-3 times, boil water and dispose of it.

2. Only use the kettle to boil water and do not use it as a teapot. Boiling anything other than water may cause a chemical reaction to the interior and may discolour the water.

3. If you leave water in the kettle after use, it may cause rusting on the interior. After transferring all the water to a teapot, dry the interior on low heat with its lid off.

4. Underside of the lid and the spout are prone to rusting. Wipe them dry whilst the kettle is still warm.

5. The exterior finish is best maintained by wrapping used Sencha tea leaves in a soft cloth to dab and polish.

6. If the kettle is not being used for a long period of time, dry completely and wrap it up in newspaper or equivalent and store in a dry dark spot.