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Linen Mask
Linen Mask

Linen Mask

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Washable Linen Mask


Handmade 100% Linen mask made with highly absorbent linen. The Linen provides a comfortable and dry feel ideal for hot summer days. This is a 2 layer mask only.

One size. The size is adjustable by changing the position of the knot on the elastic band. We recommend for S & M fit (& a smaller L)

Seperate hand-washing is recommended. Hang it to dry with pleats in correct place. Iron pleats in place on a low heat if required, avoid the iron contacting the elastic ear bands.

Made in Nara, Japan.


Mafu-Okai (岡井麻布商店) is a family owned business located in Nara. Since it was  established in 1863, it has been passed down for 5 generations.

They’re a producer of Narasarashi (奈良晒) - finest quality woven hemp. A traditional craft dating back to mid-16th Century. It it said that at the peak of its popularity in mid-Edo period (18th Century), 90% of the population of Nara-Chyo was involved in the industry.  

Mafu-Okai’s current product range includes wipe cloths associated with tea ceremony, hand woven hemp, hemp products (accessaries, Noren and tapestries etc.) and hemp threads.