Hemp Fukin Cloth S
Hemp Fukin Cloth S
Hemp Fukin Cloth S

Hemp Fukin Cloth S

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25cm x 25cm / Natural

100% Hemp

Made in Nara, Japan.

This Fukin is made with an environmentally friendly natural hemp.

Hemp is extremely absorbent and quick-drying, making it an ideal fabric as a Fukin wipe cloth/kitchen cloth.

Cloth will come stiff, wash starch off with water or hot water before use. Cloth will then be lovely and soft to use. Wash with similar colours and do not wash with bleach.



Mafu-Okai (岡井麻布商店) is a family owned business located in Nara. Since it was  established in 1863, it has been passed down for 5 generations.

They’re a producer of Narasarashi (奈良晒) - finest quality woven hemp. A traditional craft dating back to mid-16th Century. It it said that at the peak of its popularity in mid-Edo period (18th Century), 90% of the population of Nara-Chyo was involved in the industry.  

Mafu-Okai’s current product range includes wipe cloths associated with tea ceremony, hand woven hemp, hemp products (accessaries, Noren and tapestries etc.) and hemp threads.