Tea Caddy  直
Tea Caddy  直
Tea Caddy  直
Tea Caddy  直
Tea Caddy  直
Tea Caddy  直

Tea Caddy 直

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The Kisen Tea Caddy is a remarkably considered object and a beautiful example of extremely fine woodturning skills. It is made from a single piece of timber, with both an internal and external lid to keep tea fresh.

Will hold approx 100g Matcha or 50-70g Black Tea/Sencha.


ケヤキ Japanese Zelkova

Dimensions: φ80×110mm

Smoke Grey with Polyurethane finish.

Hand turned in Yamanaka, Designed by Satoshi Umeno 梅野聡

Comes in box. Please note the timber grain on each caddy differs and is unique. If you would like more photos of a singular piece please email mail@wingnutand.co

Makers Statement

The word “kisen” refers to the unique and beautiful annual growth rings of trees. Our tea caddies are made from one block of wood so that these unique patterns of the wood grain are connected between the lid and body of the container. This is possible because of the double structure of the tea caddy, in which the separate inside layer is attached before the shape of outside layer is made. KISEN celebrates the beauty of natural wood.

GATO MIKIO was originally founded in 1908 (Meiji 41), as Gato Sawmill in Yamanaka Hot Spring, a town famed for wood turning. Following the intentions and spirit of the original Kijishi wood-turners, we aspire to perfect the woodwork that is completed individually by our craftsmen. We make the most of the beautiful grain that only natural wood can have, and we strive to highlight it in our products. This means that we never compromise on the quality of our work and we are proud of the quality of our materials, the precision of our wooden base work, and the clear look of our  finishes. Only after each element has been completed perfectly, do we assemble them together to create our unique handcrafts. We continue to create authentic and long-lasting pieces, pursuing functionality with traditional skills, and artistry based on Japanese aesthetic senses.