Wappa Ohitsu
Wappa Ohitsu
Wappa Ohitsu
Wappa Ohitsu

Wappa Ohitsu

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Cedar Rice Box

For serving/ transporting already cooked rice. Holds 1-2 serves of rice.

Size: 13cm W x 8cm T

Timber: Sugi (Cedar) with Cherry Bark

Finish: Unfinished / Raw Finish

Comes in Box.

Made by Ryobian in Odate, AkitaRespecting the historical techniques but not bound to the tradition, Ryobian designs and crafts “old yet new” products for the contemporary.

From approximately 400 years ago, Magewappa production began to thrive in Odate, Akita. Akita-Sugi (Cedar) forests are recognised as Japans most beautiful forests.

As per the traditional technique of Magewappa, the Cedar is sliced thinly along the grain, boiled to be softened, bent to shape and affixed with Cherry tree bark.


Care Information.

Cedar has natural anti bacterial qualities, if washing required use water or warm water and wipe immediately.  Do not use detergent. Dry in upright position to air dry completely. 

Do not store the container upside down. If the container is not sufficiently dry, it may cause discolouration.

Avoid long periods of exposure to direct sun or other heat source to prevent discolouration and deformation.

As the finish is raw, do not place anything greasy or highly pigmented foods to avoid staining surface.